Salty thoughts


the church nearby
comes alive
on sunday mornings

joint voices
joint souls
angel wings and
broken bells

my walls shake
their rhythm enters
but i’m not moving

i’m not even here
i watch the sunset
of the other day
and pray
for thoughtlessness

i’m high above
the unborn night
and all these tiny city lights
seem to be preaching about it

and then
it comes

nothing at all
nothing anymore
just my salty thoughts
reddened and surrounded
by this blackness

how i long
to see them travel
to the dawn
of this sunday




I raise my arms above my head
And watch my fingers thinning
10,9…and suddenly zero
I am hollow
I must be hollow
My arms join particles with the air
In sweet dissolution, but then
My bones appear and float and sing
As flesh is flourishing on them
I am dreaming
I must be dreaming

“We grow up to become monsters” I say
As my arms collapse over my head
In their attempt to mock me
“You damn pessimist!” they shout
I am still dreaming

“I am the master here!
I am the master here!
I am the master here!”
And then despair just fades
0,1…and suddenly ten
I raise my arms above my head
Above the world
Above my thought
I am no longer dreaming