The morning I fell in love


My spirit fell whole
In this infinite dizziness
And then the rest
My eyes
My limbs
My reason

Late mornings never felt so rotten
Every drop on my forehead
Every molecule of air
The slightest ray
Of the late-summer sunlight
The haste of my blood
They all melted together and
As a single mocking voice
You fool!
Their sordid mouth
Bit the back of my mind
Kissed my red-wine-spotted lips
Swallowed my entire being
And laughed

Here I stand

I see people
Falling drunk on the floor
As I approach

I see her
Decently smiling
As I approach

I feel her scent
Corrupting my senses
As I approach

I am still approaching
Never reaching

I say
Love is a hungry dog
That everybody shelters
Time never learned
How to heal its wounds

With all the emptiness I gathered
I only dare to whisper
(I fell in love)
With a hollow idea
(I fell in love)
With crimson bite marks
(I fell in love)
With my sorrows

Love is a hungry dog
That everybody shelters