Salty thoughts


the church nearby
comes alive
on sunday mornings

joint voices
joint souls
angel wings and
broken bells

my walls shake
their rhythm enters
but i’m not moving

i’m not even here
i watch the sunset
of the other day
and pray
for thoughtlessness

i’m high above
the unborn night
and all these tiny city lights
seem to be preaching about it

and then
it comes

nothing at all
nothing anymore
just my salty thoughts
reddened and surrounded
by this blackness

how i long
to see them travel
to the dawn
of this sunday


The lovers


The naked eye can barely see
The light that was forever to stay hidden
There is a crack although
There is a crack in every armor
In every citadel unknown

There is a crack and there’s a curse
A light to stop the darkest thirst
And there’s a melody behind
To dictate where the ashes fly
When light will devour
Burn them all
The walls of the most hidden soul

Floating stars above their heads
Secret tremble on their lips
And fear feasting in between
They’re cursed
They’re cursed
They’re cursed as hell
And there’s no neutralizing spell
For his brandy-colored eyes
For the coldness of her hands

Golden sunsets
Purple nights
Are mixed in the forbidden heights
They’re hopeless as their wings unite
Insanity cuts deep and hides
And leaves them blind and deaf and small
To live as an unknowing whole
To raise their voices just as one
To make the world become undone

Intimacy above despair
The Earth just shivers at their flare
There is a crack in every shield
For love to forge a battlefield

Forgotten yearning


Come join the party, darling
I still remember your eyes

The sun played relentlessly with your pupils that day
Claiming some uncharted continent
Behind them
I got lost there once or twice
Thirsting for some tears of yours
I even slept on the barren land
Hoping it would tremble a little

Come join the party, darling
I still remember your eyes

You can sing, you can whistle, you can spit on the ground
I don’t mind
You can even dye your hair blue
And say
“Now the infinity is all around you”
And watch me drown and watch me choke
On some sinful thoughts of you

Come join the party, darling
I still remember your eyes

Create a new silence
You solely wouldn’t understand
And call
In vain
For I shall answer

“I don’t remember your eyes”

The morning I fell in love


My spirit fell whole
In this infinite dizziness
And then the rest
My eyes
My limbs
My reason

Late mornings never felt so rotten
Every drop on my forehead
Every molecule of air
The slightest ray
Of the late-summer sunlight
The haste of my blood
They all melted together and
As a single mocking voice
You fool!
Their sordid mouth
Bit the back of my mind
Kissed my red-wine-spotted lips
Swallowed my entire being
And laughed

Here I stand

I see people
Falling drunk on the floor
As I approach

I see her
Decently smiling
As I approach

I feel her scent
Corrupting my senses
As I approach

I am still approaching
Never reaching

I say
Love is a hungry dog
That everybody shelters
Time never learned
How to heal its wounds

With all the emptiness I gathered
I only dare to whisper
(I fell in love)
With a hollow idea
(I fell in love)
With crimson bite marks
(I fell in love)
With my sorrows

Love is a hungry dog
That everybody shelters



Woke up at the roots
Of this carnivorous plant
And I watched it
Sucking, absorbing
Tearing me apart
Hundreds, thousands of molecules
They call it nature, they call it osmosis
But I like to call it decadence

Woke up among the teeth
Of this carnivorous plant
And I watched it
The wings of this fly
“I somehow feed the monster”
I said

Woke up in the sheets
Of this carnivorous bed